Signs of Low Sperm Count

One of the most important aspect every man wants is the ability to continue his line of the family. Hence low sperm count can be a very painful condition to any man both to his ego as well as his emotions. It might also ruin his relationship.

The second most affected by this would be the partner. In today’s world of through the net conceiving, this problem is nowhere close to unsolvable. But before you decide on a specific treatment to accommodate your grievances, it is best to know what the causes for this condition are.

1. Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Most men who complain from impotency have this problem. Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where a man cannot get an erection or is unable to maintain the erection for the time till the sperms are produced. As a result he has a low sperm count and becomes infertile. Most people who have this condition feel that it is a matter of age and can’t be helped.

But there are several other causes for why you are unable to get an erection apart from aging, which can be resolved. Change in the hormone release in the body can also cause erectile dysfunction. Other age related problems like heart diseases and hypertension might also lead to this condition.

2. Hormonal Abnormalities

The inability of a male body to produce the required amount of male hormones may also cause low sperm count therefore resulting in male infertility. The cause for the insufficient amount of sperm may also be a result of Hypogonadism and Hyperproactinemia.

Any diseases affecting the adrenal gland and the pituitary gland may also cause inadequate amount of male hormones thereby inducing impotency. The above-mentioned conditions may be cured by visiting an expert and by undergoing the prescribed treatment. It is surely worth a try since your efforts will surely pay off.

3. Blockage of Sperm

The second most common reason for low sperm count is the blockage of sperm. In order for the couple to conceive, it is important that the sperm is not blocked. The sperm is required to travel to the woman’s womb in order to fertilize the egg. For this to happen there should be absolutely no obstacles in the path of the sperm.

Any obstacles will deny the entry of the sperm into the woman’s womb and hence causes impotency. There can be several causes for the blockage of sperm. Most people who have this condition are totally unaware of this since they have a perfect erection.

Only a visit to an expert might clarify your doubts if you suffer from this problem. There are several different reasons why this problem arises. It includes previous injuries or existing ones. It might also be caused due to several infections.

4. Incapacity to produce the required amount of sperm

This condition is also a ghost to many childless males. When a man is unable to produce the required amount of sperm, he definitely suffers from low sperm count and hence is impotent. The main reason for this being the sudden change in the temperature which kills the sperms in a man’s testicles.

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