Semen and sperm quality

What is semen?

The man ejaculates in the form of semen. Semen is a liquid of white and gray in color released from the penis tube urethra. Every ml of semen consists of millions of sperms. The aim of these sperms is solely for reproduction. Often semen ejaculation is also done for sexual pleasure.

Semen is made up off?

Semen consists of the discharge of numerous glands but only 5% are released from the testicles.
Testicles and epididymes 5%
Seminal vesicles 46-80%
Prostate gland 13-33%
Bulbourethral and urethral glands 2-5%

Testicles and epididymes

The sperm is developed in 70 days entirely in the testicles. A sperm is originated from a cell known as spermatogonium. The spermatogonium splits in to many and forms spermatocyte which further develops into sprematids. The sprematid gradually takes the shape resulting into spermatozoan which is the actual sperm.

This entire cycle takes 60 days whereas more 14 days are taken for the sperm to travel testicle pipes into the epididymis. The epididymis is the last home of sperm from here it leaves the body in the form of a semen while ejaculating.

Seminal vesicles

Seminal vesicles produce secretions made of sugar, there material is jelly like and it sticks to the woman’s womb.

Prostate gland

Prostate gland secretes many chemicals, from all the chemicals most important is prostate specific antigen (PSA). The function of PSA is to make semen liquid so that it travels smoothly to the woman’s reproductive area.

Bulbourethral and urethral glands

The secretion from these glands active the male reproductive area, but they often prevent the sperms from fertilizing the eggs.

What is normal semen?

Semen is normal when its color is white, yellowish or grey. If your semen is red or pink in color then you have to consult your doctor as it might have some infection.

As soon as the semen is ejaculated it becomes sticky, however it liquids again in 5 to 30 minutes. If your semen does not clot then it can cause fertility issues. The quantity of semen can range from 2-5 ml. if the quantity of less than 1.5 ml or higher than 5.5 ml then it is abnormal and you might have fertility problems.

According to world health organization a sperm of good quality is when:

    The focus of sperms should be around 20 million per ml.
    The overall quantity of semen should be around 2ml.
    The full amount of sperms in the ejaculation should be around 40 million.
    At most 75% of the sperms should be active
    At most 30% of the sperms should have standard shape. And 25% of the sperms should have the ability to swim forward.
    Around 50% of the sperms should swim ahead, even if only lethargically. It is pretty astounding how many lifeless and strange sperm can result into fertilization.


Can environmental issues have an affect sperm quality?

Enviormental factors do affect the sperm
Sexually transmitted infections.
Deficiency of zinc.
Intake of Alcoholism.
Too much of Smoking.
Using Anabolic steroid

To have a good quality sperm it is necessary that all men should have a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise on regular basis.

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